Get In The Mood For Fallout 4 With Fallout Shelter Smartphone Game

2015 has been a year of unexpected surprises so far. In music, Kendrick Lamar came out of nowhere to deliver one of the great albums of the year. In movies, no one expected that Blackhat would be the masterpiece it is regardless of bombing at the box office. However, one thing is almost a guarantee: Fallout 4 is going to be something very special.

It would be something of an understatement to say that Bethesda’s upcoming next gen game Fallout 4 is the most hotly anticipated title of the year. In fact, as fans have been waiting for a next installment in the post-apocalyptic RPG since New Vegas, one might call it the most anticipated game of the decade. It hits stores across the United Kingdom in November, but if you can’t wait, Bethesda recently released a Fallout themed smartphone game to make the wait a little easier: Fallout Shelter.

Fallout Shelter takes the form of a game like The Simpsons: Tapped Out, allowing you to build and manage your own vault in a post-apocalyptic landscape where these bunkers provide sanctuary from the harsh wasteland outside. Your job is to make sure the vault is maintained to a standard that keeps your dwellers content. This involves building rooms for generating power, providing clean water and cooking food for the people living in your fault. You must put your dwellers to work in these areas, which they will excel at depending on their skills (which you can also enhance in the game). Bottle caps – Fallout currency – can be earned once milestones are reached, which is done through efficient maintenance and keeping the people in your vault happy.

The game has very little in common with the tone, gameplay or style of a typical Fallout game. It’s just a small little side project thrown together by the folks at Bethesda to make the wait for their big Fallout 4 launch to seem shorter. However, it provides a fun distraction to pass the time on a long journey. There are always challenges to overcome, constantly new things to build and there’s a great deal in satisfaction in building your little bunker into a thriving underground community.

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