How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Game Boy

The Game Boy could be considered the prototype for all smartphone games.

The Game Boy was one of the very first handheld consoles (and certainly one of the most popular) to be released around the world. It boasted a number of game changing – literally game changing titles – that took the idea of gaming out of the arcades and into the palm of gamer’s hands. These included the Pokemon entries, Super Mario Land and The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

As the technology behind gaming has advanced and evolved, many of these titles got left in the past. They are no longer commonly available in stores, even if you still owned a Game Boy device which has long been discontinued. However, fans now have a way to relive these classics through their smartphone – not just the games themselves, but also the iconic design of the Game Boy device.

Hyperskin have built a Game Boy case which people can slide their smartphones into and play games through. For the full Game Boy experience, you could even download an emulator to your device and install ROMs of the old games on your phone to play via it. This is perfectly legal so long as you own the original cartridge.

There is also a Game Bat add-on that you can connect to the case to provide you with the arrows and buttons to actually play the games the way they were originally made. It is shaped just like the classic old console and works with all Android devices.

The case is named the Smart Boy and looks something like this:



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