Tokyo Studio Reimagines Multiplayer Action With Mobile Game Multi-player action gaming is one of the few genres that remains popular exclusively on console rather than smartphone or tablet. While racing games, fighting games, role playing games and much more have gained a newfound popularity on mobile devices, major multi-player action titles mostly continue to exist solely on Xbox and Playstation. There is no mobile equivalent to Call Of Duty, for instance, nor Battlefield.

where is the best place to buy nolvadex online One of the reasons why multi-player action games aren’t particularly commonplace for mobile devices is because of the trends of mobile gaming. Whereas the aforementioned console titles usually require some time commitment – they are not games you play for a few minutes at a time – mobile gaming is predominantly done on the train, in the doctor’s office or on work breaks. A Tokyo studio is attempting to finally make the genre accessible for mobile game players. Asobimo Inc. is developing a real-time strategy game called GodGames for which pre-registrations are currently open on their official website. So how does Asobimo Inc. intend to make such a complex, time-consuming type of game work for people on their smartphones? Well, it’s simple… No, that’s it. They’re making it simple.

GodGames will feature quick bursts of gaming as opposed to the long matches that define titles like Call Of Duty. In GodGames, which sees you play as character whose skills can be improved and items can be crafted in the game, you have to battle against other players in three minute matches. 30 players will be able to play in each battle with two teams of 15 people.

The game will hopefully provide the experience of multiplayer action gaming but with the limitations of smartphone and tablet gaming.

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