{"version":"20150408","show_thumbnails":false,"items":[{"id":86,"url":"http:\/\/gamesarentnumbers.com\/can-xbox-smash-hit-bioshock-really-work-ios\/","url_meta":{"origin":252,"position":0},"title":"Can The Xbox and PS3 Hit BioShock Really Work On iOS?","date":"August 22, 2014","format":false,"rel":"nofollow","excerpt":"The last post we published on Games Aren't Numbers talked about the need for developers to release popular titles from older generations of\u00a0consoles\u00a0on mobile devices. It discussed how Playstation 2 games like Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto 3 found a new life on smartphones and how the struggling Nintendo\u2026","context":"Similar post","img":{"src":"","width":0,"height":0},"classes":[]},{"id":236,"url":"http:\/\/gamesarentnumbers.com\/get-in-the-mood-for-fallout-4-with-fallout-shelter-smartphone-game\/","url_meta":{"origin":252,"position":1},"title":"Get In The Mood For Fallout 4 With Fallout Shelter Smartphone Game","date":"August 26, 2015","format":false,"rel":"nofollow","excerpt":"2015 has been a year of unexpected surprises so far. In music, Kendrick Lamar came out of nowhere to deliver one of the great albums of the year. In movies, no one expected that Blackhat would be the masterpiece it is\u00a0regardless of bombing at the box office.\u00a0However, one thing is\u2026","context":"Similar post","img":{"src":"","width":0,"height":0},"classes":[]},{"id":42,"url":"http:\/\/gamesarentnumbers.com\/children-playing-smartphone-games\/","url_meta":{"origin":252,"position":2},"title":"Your Children Should Be Playing Smartphone Games","date":"April 28, 2014","format":false,"rel":"nofollow","excerpt":"Gaming has a stigma of being dangerous. It is often blamed whenever there is a tragic act of violence committed by a young person. It is something I have fiercely denied for a long time. Gaming is simply an easy target for those who don't have the time or effort\u2026","context":"Similar post","img":{"src":"","width":0,"height":0},"classes":[]}]}